Analysis of Glory

October 7th, 2008

Glory historically is like a single piece of pizza. The movie portrays history fairly accurately, but in a way that does not really portay the big picture. There were many details I liked in this movie such as people actually having to properly use muskets, the proclamation of the souths intentions towards black troops and the officers of black troops, it portrays the time it took for the black regiment to get into the war and the difficulties it faced getting into the war well. The problem, however is the movie ends up being very narrow focusing pretty much entirely on Gould a few of his officers and a few soldiers in the 54th division. The soldiers are also characterized in cliche war movie style such as one soldier bullying another soldier, but comming to respect him after he saves his life. This narrow style of focus really stops the movie from addressing the broader issues of the time concerning the civil war and slavery. The movie is really sort of like a historical anecdote/ typical war movie when it could have been something greater.

Hello world!

September 3rd, 2008

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